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Felsite Quarry

Located just a couple miles away from the Rock Shelter, within what is now Hale Education (formerly known as Hale Reservation), the Quarry was used by Native people to likely form tools and weapons. It was dated by archaeologists to be around 3,600 years old. It also has a similarly dilapidated plaque with somewhat unclear information on it, but the fact that the plaque considers the site “Noanet Quarry” (named after an important leader of the Massachusett) proves its use by Native people.


Quarries were very important to the Massachusett people, as they used them to make tools as well as arrowheads. Many arrowheads have been found in the Westwood area over the years, providing considerable evidence of Native people using quarries like these to make tools. You can read more about the usage of quarries in the “Quarries, Fields, and Stones” section of the “Massachusett Tribal Life” tab on the Massachusett Tribe’s Website.


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